We work with local & global businesses to create useful digital experiences

Who we are

Our Identity

We are a lean digital agency with a strong ability to empathize and collaborate with you and your clients to create beautiful digital products, brands and websites with meaningful and lasting experiences through design thinking that adds the most value. We look for ambitious early stage startups and small businesses with a desire to truly innovate.

Big Impact

When you partner with us, we work with the founders of your business and other stakeholders, to get to know your business and every detail of what you do. From there, we delve into the problem you want to solve and then we begin to explore where opportunity lies and where we Postmodern can add value. It is this personalised interaction with your partners that yields the greatest result and provide value.

Based In Italy, Working Worldwide

We are based in Turin, Italy, but we embrace remote work possibilities by working with our partners worldwide. Solid collaboration, communication, iteration and prototyping makes this possible. We travel regularly to work side by side with our partners with the added bonus of getting to know new places!

Work with us

At Postmodern, we value your independence and give you freedom to be creative at your own (s)pace. Would you like to work together and help us build great things?